Stephanie’s Story


Helping people feel and look their best is one of the hallmarks, why Saba™ has been changing lives for over 33 years. Our high-quality clinically-researched products have proven time and again to give people the results they want in their supplements. We are always grateful and blessed to share our customers' and promoters' dynamic success stories. 

Natalie has never been a stranger to Saba™, after the birth of her latest baby she knew it was time to get back the body she once had. Stephanie decided to begin her 60-day quest on February 11. 60-days later on April 11th Stephanie was thrilled to see she had dropped 25lbs and almost 15 inches. Stephanie has pledged to continue using Saba™ products to lose an additional 25lbs to achieve her goal. We wish her the best with her solid determination.


“My 60-day weight loss journey started on February 11, 2020, I was no stranger to the Saba company and its products as years ago I used the Original ACE and lost almost 70lbs on it.  I then became pregnant and breastfed for 2 years, I finished at the beginning of February 2020 and knew if I wanted to lose weight I needed to start back up with Saba. I noticed there were newer products since I had last used any. I started out using Empower, and I liked it! Then I decided to switch over to Empower Extreme and LOVED it! I also started my first week by doing an intense cleanse using Co-Clenz for 5 days.

Over my 60 days I have used Empower, Empower Extreme, Vanilla Toppfast, Co-Clenz, T-12, N-Fuse, and just this week added in the Saba Shape and Skinny 5000. I set my goal to lose 50lbs by September, and I’m now down 25lbs so I’m halfway there. I’ve lost loads of inches as well! Just for a few measurement examples, my stomach went from 48” to 44”, my upper waist 40” to 36”!  My journey doesn’t end here, I’m super excited to see how far I can go!”




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