Saba for life - Saba SHAPE - One 30-count Bottle
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Saba SHAPE - One 30-count Bottle

Saba Shape - One 30-ct Bottle

Saba Shape™ is a a new probiotic formula clinically proven to control body fat and support metabolic health. Its benefits go far beyond smaller clothing sizes:

  • Immune System Support;
  • Digestive Support;
  • Improved Gut Health;
  • Better Sleep;
  • Enhanced Mood; and
  • Improved Metabolic Health and Anti-inflammatory Properties.
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Great gut health support.

I had issues with bloating and with my gut health. I started taking this and I am no longer feeling bloated, my stomach is feeling a lot better. My intestinal health has become very regular. None of the gassy or other issues I was dealing with are present any longer. The probiotics in Shape is really working and helping my system. This is a pill I do not go without.


I recently added Saba Shape to my daily regimen. This is definitely the game changer for me!! I'm working on better food choices and with adding 1 Shape a day, the scale is moving down again!!

Regularity is a great plus

Since taking the SHAPE I've noticed I'm very regular now. As we age, that's important to my husband and I to keep my gut health in check. It keeps my appetite in control in the evening without keeping me awake when I want to go to bed...