It’s an easy way to look and feel your best with the help of professional coaches, nutrition plans and premium supplements.


Finally, a plan for any person who is committed to changing their life!
Get Healthy at Home with Saba™ is a results-driven program that anyone can do from home.
This system provides you with the tools YOU need to succeed!:

  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Professional Coaching
  • Free Meal Plans & Guidance
  • Exercise Plans for All Levels
  • Live Group Zoom Calls with Support & Encouragement
  • Small Accountability Teams with personal messaging to answer all of your questions


The most researched and proven supplements available on the market. Products Included:

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Saba slimgenix ace 300x300

Saba SlimGenix™ or Saba ACE™

Choose between our latest innovation; Saba SlimGenix™ packed with clinically researched & patented ingredients or our famous Saba ACE™ with our exclusive “Master Mix” loaded with the top clinically proven natural ingredients for effective with loss.
Saba SlimGenix is designed for those who demand a high level of crash-free energy, while Saba ACE is for those who need a milder energy level.†

Saba digest eze 300x300

Saba Digest-Eze™Plus

Saba Digest-Eze™ Plus is an ultra-strength, broad-spectrum plant-sourced enzyme formula that enhances the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. It provides powerful digestive support to reduce occasional discomforts like gas and bloating while unlocking the nutrient goodness so you get the most from your food. Support your total digestive & gut wellness with our proprietary blend of prebiotics and probiotics, offering optimal immune health & digestion support. 
Saba Digest-Eze Plus also contains Betaine HCl and Peppermint Leaf to provide much more thorough and complete digestion and alleviates the nasty symptoms of indigestion!†

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Saba toppfast 300x300

Saba ToppFast™

Saba ToppFast™ premium weight management nutrition is a scientific blend of proteins, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in a low-fat, low-carbohydrate formula. Saba ToppFast™ is perfectly designed to complement our 21-Day Challenge. With just one scoop per day, Saba ToppFast™ delivers weight loss nutrition with half the fat of other shakes.†
* Available in Vanilla Cream and Chocolate

How this System Works:

Step 1

Sign up today. Your $115 monthly charge includes everything with all 3 supplements. There is no long-term commitment. Cancel Anytime.*

Step 2

Follow your meal plan & exercise guidance from our professional coaches.

Step 3

Just press “play” to stream your workout from our private on-demand YouTube channel.

Step 4

Access our private Facebook community for endless motivation, support, and accountability.

Step 5

Get results! Go ahead, show them off – you earned them!


  • Lose Unwanted Pounds†
  • Increase Lean Mass†
  • Develop Healthy Habits for Life†
  • Look and Feel Better†
  • Build Your Confidence†
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By following our easy-to-use system, here’s how YOU could look and feel in 30, 60 days...


“I wanted to UPDATE you all on my 30 day results I am getting...

  • 13 pounds lost on the scale
  • Body Fat was 44% now 34% - Lost 10%
  • Body Mass was 91 lbs now 66 lbs - Lost 25lbs of pure fat
  • 14.5 inches lost

Not just that my Mental Health has never been better, despite all the madness in the world. I am sleeping better, I have more energy and most of all I feel so happy and confident. I still have a way to go with my weight loss journey, but I'm loving this journey because it's a positive and exciting lifestyle change!”

Heather O.


“ALL DONE AT HOME FOR THE DAY! Pictures tell a story and facts can't be ignored! Plus, it's how good I feel what makes this program such an absolute winner...

  • Down 31% body fat to 26%
  • 66 lbs fat mass down to 52 lbs
  • and a 30-day weight loss on the scales of 13 pounds.

Thank you Saba for making it easy and fun to get healthy at home!”

Rick O.


“As we come close to the initial 60 days, here’s my up to date pics and figures. I am blown away by the pictures, blown away by those numbers. WOW just WOW!

  • Body Fat Mass: 49% to 39%
  • Fat Mass: 107 lbs to 81 lbs
  • Lean Mass: 112lbs to 127 lbs
  • 7 inches off my waist• 3 inches off of hips
  • 1 inch off my neck

I am feeling amazing and this is more than just a 60 day hit, it’s a lifestyle change.
Taking a rest day even though I wanted to exercise, so I walked instead. I Love this program!”

Sarah B.


“It’s a great Sunday morning and I am excited to be on this journey with you. It’s Week 5 for me and I am so happy to be a part of this program. I want to share a NSV (non-scale victory) this morning. The last time I tried on this dress I wanted to throw it in the trash because it was too tight and I couldn’t breathe. It’s one of my husband’s favorites so I put it back in the closet. Today it’s actually loose! Trust the process, follow the plan stick with it and you will see the difference!
... I love Control! It truly gives me control over my carb cravings. I feel I don’t have to give in to the junk food and I can make healthy choices, and because it has no stimulants I can take it in the evening so no late-night snacking!”

Charlene S.


“When I started this journey, I used to hate hearing the word “workout” now my body craves it! When I started my body fat was 62% at my 30-day mark it was down to 55% I am nowhere done. Even in the middle of moving, I have still managed to get in my workouts. I can't wait to see where the next 30 days gets me!”

Danyelle Marie G.


“Today's workout was a real doozy, but I loved it. Here are some of my 30-day transformation pics since starting the Get Healthy at Home program.

4 weeks in...

  • 17 inches lost overall
  • 9.6 lbs lost
  • 5% Body fat
  • 17 lb Body Fat Loss
  • +7 lbs of Lean Mass”

Linda W.

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†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Any personal testimonials and opinions relating to Saba™ and are not intended to be medical advice and should not be taken as such. The Saba™ products are recommended to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Persons with pre-existing medical condition should consult a health care professional before embarking on any nutritional or exercise program. Individual results may vary based on diet and exercise implemented with the Saba products