Courtney’s Story


Helping people feel and look their best is one of the hallmarks, why Saba™ has been changing lives for over 33 years. Our high-quality clinically-researched products have proven time and again to give people the results they want in their supplements. We are always grateful and blessed to share our customers' and promoters' dynamic success stories. 

Courtney was a former Saba family veteran, who had great success with Saba’s clinically studied product line. After a long hiatus Courtney decided to jump back onto the “Saba Horse” to lose some unwanted weight and try to take control of other ailments that plague us as we age. We are so excited to share Courtney’s amazing story, and the success she found by achieving her goal by getting back into her 7-year old wedding dress looking and feeling her most beautiful.

We’re positive that you will take inspiration from her journey. Awesome work Courtney!


“My Journey with Ace begins back in 2011-12. I actively took ACE for 4 months and lost 35lbs. I also joined Saba as a promoter for about a year, until life happened and things went crazy! I kept off 30 of those pounds until 2014 when I became pregnant with my youngest, who is now almost 5! For the last 3 years, I have seen numerous gastrologists and digestive health specialists for pain in my abdomen. After multiple tests, scans, and meds, no one could tell me why I was living in pain and misery, every day of my life, for THREE years.

Sometime in February, I saw a post stating “ACE is back” and it caught my attention, so I watched posts and comments about those who were trying the “NEW ACE.” As a “last-ditch effort” before going to another specialist, I decided I’d give it another try and see what happens. on March 4th, 2020, I started my ACE journey. Thus far I have lost over 20lbs and about 6 inches in my waist. ACE has boosted my energy, (no more daily naps needed) helped my mood, ALL of my stomach issues are gone, my overall health is better, and best of all I have lost weight. Currently, I feel the best I have felt in years. I am living my best life, all while there is a pandemic and quarantine going on around the world.
Recently, I’ve added
Saba Control to my regimen, as I wanted to give my friends and family a second option for appetite control and weight loss. I have taken Control in the evenings to help with appetite control, although not necessary. However, it blocks up to 48% of carbs, so if I know I will have any carbs I try to take Saba Control to aid in my glucose levels and insulin sensitivity.

Even more recently I’ve added SHAPE, to aid in my gut health. I wish I would have had this product 3 years ago! Saba Shape has aided in bloating issues and has helped keep things moving through my body. Gut health is so important and one thing we often don’t treat very well.

These pictures show me in my wedding day photo circa 2013, and when I started taking this “Perfect Combo” in March 2020. A finally back in my wedding dress looking fit and fabulous!”




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