Saba for life - Saba SlimGenix - One (1) 60-Count Bottle
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Supplement Facts

Saba SlimGenix - One (1) 60-Count Bottle

Saba SlimGenix ™ - One 60-Count Bottle

Saba SlimGenix ™ is the latest innovation in energy, fat burning, weight loss, and appetite management. Each capsule contains the highest-quality, most effective ingredients made from natural sources of key vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and amino acids to help optimize your wellness by supporting your weight loss goals. Our products are manufactured in an NSF and cGMP certified facility and independently third-party tested by an ISO certified lab. †

Who Will Love SlimGenix™?

SlimGenix™ was carefully formulated for men and women who want to feel energized, tone up, and lose weight. Combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, it can supercharge your efforts by supporting lean muscle mass and healthy body composition. †

 Key Benefits:

  • Promotes Weight Loss†
  • Suppresses Appetite and Increases Satiety†
  • Boosts Energy†
  • Decreases Fat Mass†
  • Increases Metabolic Activities & Lean Body Mass†
  • Improves Mental Focus & Clarity and Reduces Fatigue†


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Love the smooth clean energy Saba SlimGenix gives me.


SlimgeniX , I’m so pleased with the Energy to get me through each day , wether my Task is a Challenge it Helps me conquer or If I’m enjoy a Day of fun & play I get through the Day!


OMG!!!! I will never ever go without this amazing gem ever again!!! You should not either!! This gave me tons of energy when I suffered from chronic fatigue, puts me in the most amazing mood ever!! It helped me lose 29 lbs and several inches and I am down 3 pants sizes since starting this product. There are so many more benefits and you should order your 60 day supply NOW!! You won’t regret it!

Let’s go!

Let’s go! That’s how I feel about 20 minutes after taking this SlimGenix. I love that it gives me ENERGY to help me get moving. I also love the appetite control and “happy” it gives me.

Thanks for creating a natural product I can use guilt free, every day.