Saba for life - Saba 21-Day Challenge - Saba SlimGenix + Saba SHAPE + Saba ToppFast-Vanilla
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Saba 21-Day Challenge - Saba SlimGenix + Saba SHAPE + Saba ToppFast-Vanilla

Saba 21-Day Challenge - It’s an easy way to look and feel your best with the help of our professional coaches, nutrition plan and premium supplements. Eat well, move more, and lose the weigh you want! Get in-person and virtual weight-loss support from Saba Coaches and other members.

Saba SlimGenix – One 60-count Bottle

Saba SlimGeniX is the holistic total body energy and weight management supplement scientifically formulated with the latest innovation in energy, fat burning, weight loss, and appetite management. Each lifestyle capsule contains the highest-quality, most effective ingredients made from natural sources of key vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and amino acids to help you optimize your wellness by supporting your weight loss goals.  Saba SlimGenix has a higher level of energy than Saba ACE. Saba SlimGenix will help you:

  • Support appetite control;¹
  • Boost metabolism;¹
  • Support the stimulation of fat oxidation;¹
  • Promote weight management;¹
  • Stimulate the calorie-burning process;¹
  • Boost energy levels; and¹
  • Enhance cognition and focus. ­­¹

 Saba SHAPE – One 30-count Bottle

Saba Shape™ is a new probiotic formula clinically proven to control body fat and support metabolic health. Its benefits go far beyond weight loss:

  • Immune system support;¹
  • Digestive support;¹
  • Improved gut health;¹
  • Better sleep;¹
  • Enhanced mood; and¹
  • Improved metabolic health and anti-inflammatory properties.¹

Saba ToppFast Vanilla –  30 servings

Saba ToppFast™ premium weight management nutrition is a scientific blend of proteins, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in a low-fat, low-carbohydrate formula. Saba ToppFast™ is perfectly designed to complement our Saba 60 Weight Management Program. With just one scoop per serving, Saba ToppFast™ delivers weight loss nutrition with half the fat of other shakes. ¹

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