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Hot flashes gone!

I started using this product 2 days ago. I am recovering from a full hysterectomy, just 5 weeks ago with no hormone replacements. First night I noticed I didn't wake with any sweating or hot flashes and I have good clean energy. Second night, same thing!! I have high hopes this product is exactly what I need to feel my best again and lose some weight in the process!


OMG!!! I will NEVER ever again go without this amazing product. You should NOT either. This product has provided so much energy for me after suffering from chronic fatigue for so long. I have appetite control, tons of energy, weight loss and inches loss and not to mention, this Slimgenix puts me in the happiest mood ever!!! Not to mention, I have lost 29 lbs, several inches and down 3 pants sizes since starting this product. Order your 60 day supply now and don’t delay the benefits you can have any longer!!

Let’s go!

Let’s go! That’s how I feel about 20 minutes after taking this SlimGenix. I love that it gives me ENERGY to help me get moving. I also love the appetite control and “happy” it gives me.

Thanks for creating a natural product I can use guilt free, every day.


Great Product! Amazing Appetite Control, Awesome Energy, Great Mood boost. Love these trail packs..great for on the go.


No more HANGRY!!!! Slimgenix to the rescue with amazing mood support AND appetite suppressant!!! And these packets are perfect to keep in my handbag for shopping and roadtrips!


These little capsules get me moving each morning and keep me going all day long! The happy feels I get with it are undeniable, I crave water and I don't feel the need to snack all day too!! Lots of goodness!!


When I take SlimgeniX it gives me a pick me up feeling of energy. I feel better, can get through my busy days and not snack. I’m focused and overall loving this. Adding back in my exercise and excited to see my progress with this Amazing product. ❤️

Executive Platinum Director

Saba SlimGenix is a game changer! I love the ENERGY, APPETITE CONTROL, and FOCUS it gives me! I have lost 14 lbs in 60 days… try it for 60 days and see what it does for YOU!


Love the energy The appetite control helps me from bad habits. I stay focused all day to accomplish everything. Lost 13 pounds and 15 inches. The mood enhancer keeps me happy.

Happiness in a pill

I am someone who is sensitive to caffeine so was sceptical about how these pills would effect me. I am happy to say that this smaller SlimgeniX pack is great for me because I only need half a pill a day. I take some food, then my pill and some more food on top, within 30 minutes I can feel the instant Energy boost. The Energy is great because I suffer with fatigue, due to a medical condition so this helps me get through the day. The Energy also helps me give more to my exercise sessions that I do. My Mood is lifted & I feel much Happier. I suffer with brain fog due to a medical condition, but this little pill gives me clear Focus all day long. I call it Happiness in a pill because everything about this pill, just makes me feel happy. Including the amazing Appetite Control that stops me over eating & Reduces those Cravings. Thanks to Saba SlimgeniX I am able to achieve all my Health & Fitness Goals & be Happier at the same time, The little sample packs are brilliant for being able to pop in your purse or bag when I am out of my home, so I never miss taken my Happiness in a pill.

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