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Saba Lustre Toner

I absolutely love the Saba Lustre Toner!!! It cleans, tightens my pores, yet isn’t drying! That’s a huge plus for my senior-skin!!!


I use this Toner after my cleanser, it doesn't take much and the bottle will last a long time. I have sensitive skin and love how it leaves my skin feeling refreshing and also removing the dead skin. This product and the cleanser I use daily. I highly recommend this product especially if you have sensitive skin. I just love it!


I really like this Toner, at first I was hesitant because toners I've used in the past have burned and seemed too strong. I was pleasantly surprised how mild, yet effective Saba Lustre Toner is. I tested it when I thought my face was clean, after a shower, I saw for myself, how the toner cleaned my face even more! I am impressed with this toner and highly recommend it.

My Skin Feels so much more Tighter!!

I use the Tonor morning and night. I have noticed that my Pores are less obvious I am convinced they are smaller too.

Another thing I have noticed is my Skin is Tighter & Firmer which I really love. My skin also feels Fresh & like its an additional Cleanse for my Skin.

The value for money is insane. I am still using the same bottle that I bought in August and we are now in the middle of November. A little goes a long way and really does make a difference to your skin.

I would 100% recommend.

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