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T12 detox tea

I have been using t12 detox tea on and off over the past 2 years. Not only do I love the taste I love the energy and it has helped me lose unwanted pounds and I do not suffer with bloating. I would highly recommend this detox tea.


The taste and smell of this tea is heavenly. I drink a cup at night to relax and calm me. It keeps my bloating under control and helps with my IBS symptoms.

Detox tea?

I wasn't sure this product was going to be super helpful for me now. There was a time this would have been super exciting to me. I changed to much healthier eating choices because of the Saba60 program about 4 years ago so the digestive issues are not in my life much any more. (Thankful!!) After getting this product I realized that when I eat out on the weekend, even with healthy choices, I do have some issues. I know that the places I eat must be sneaking in extra things like sugar, processed, salt, chemicals, etc. When I use this T12 tea regularly I feel so much better...especially on the weekend, and afterwards. Anyone with IBS or other digestive issues MUST try this. All the ingredients are going to be helpful at the moment but I believe are also going to be healing the gut as time goes on.

Relaxing but doesn't make you tired

My husband and I love to have a cup of T12 tea before bed; calms your stomach and your mind. I've also had a cup midday if something I ate upset my stomach, helps relax any indigestion without making me tired.

The taste is great!

I love this! I notice a decrease in bloated feeling when I drink this. The taste is great too.


Since I have started drinking this daily, I can feel my body healing from the inside!! My IBS symptoms are under control and I bloating has gone away! LOVE this product and the taste is amazing!!!!

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