Natalie’s Story


At Saba™ we're here changing lives! Our results-driven supplements have made thousands of people feel and look their best. We are proud to share some of the success stories from our loyal Saba customers and promoters. Inspiring stories like the one below is the basis for what makes our heavily researched products some of the best of class.

Natalie’s began her 60-day journey, after losing her motivation after several unsuccessful yo-yo diets. Natalie decided to take positive action when she started to regularly use Saba Empower™ Smart Pills and Saba T12™ tea. With a starting weight of 238lbs, Natalie’s impressive determination led to her 60-day weight loss to 218lbs. Even more impressive was not the weight loss, but the number of inches lost. By regularly using Saba’s clinically tested products Natalie lost a total of 13 inches! She is currently continuing her journey with the motivation and results from her initial 60-day transformation. †


“I have fallen off the wagon a few times and not followed a meal plan, but I’m now pleased with the results I’m seeing, especially around my middle area. For me it’s not so much been about the weight loss but more about the inch loss. Although I have lost another stone (14lbs) taking my weight loss total to over 2 stone (28 lbs.) now in total. I've always struggled to lose weight as nothing has managed to suppress my monstrous appetite until now.

 The Empower pills and the T12 have literally changed my life. I’m no longer playing referee to my brain and stomach, which if you’re doing it every day like I was, is exhausting especially the feelings of guilt when you do cave into one of them. Finally, they are at peace with each other, feeling content and full. Thank you, Saba, so much for that.”



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