Heather’s Story


Here at Saba™, we take pride in celebrating the success of our customers and promoters. Whether it's losing weight, reaching certain goals and benchmarks with their health, or being able to live life to it’s fullest. These success stories are inspirations as to how Saba™ can help change lives.

Heather from the UK, is one of Saba’s most impassioned brand-champions. Her consistent dedication to achieving her personal health goals have been nothing short of astounding. By using Saba’s clinically proven supplements she has not only managed to lose weight but has also reaped the benefits to help in her struggles with anxiety and depression. Her heartfelt stories are inspirational and genuine. Way to go Heather, you are an inspiration to many!


“I have been using Saba products for over 30 months & would not want to be without them. Although my results show my weight loss journey, it has and continues to be so much more than that. I do not say these words lightly but 100% believe #Lifechanging 

I started off using the T12 which has helped my anxiety and IBS, so much I was able to come off medication. Being able to use natural products is so important to me.

I was suffering from Chronic Depression and piled on the weight. It has changed me as a person, I lost my confidence, and who I was. I started on the Saba 60 program which helped me on my journey. I am currently using the Probiotic Saba Shape & T12 and I honestly feel amazing.

The SHAPE and Pillar of Youth are fast becoming my favorite products not only are they helping me to relax and sleep peacefully but they are helping me reduce my anti-depressants even more. I am building up to becoming medication FREE!!! 

I still have a way to go with my weight loss journey, but I'm loving this journey because it's a positive and exciting lifestyle change!”



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