Christy’s Story


Here at Saba™, we take pride in celebrating the success of our customers and promoters. Whether it's losing weight, reaching certain goals and benchmarks with their health, or being able to live life to it’s fullest. These success stories are inspirations as to how Saba™ can help change lives.

Take Christy from Ottumwa, Iowa for instance. Christy managed as a mother of 4, with a full-time job to lose 30lbs using the effective weight loss formula of Saba ACE™, the probiotic Saba Shape™, and the soothing and beneficial effects of Saba T-12™. We are so proud of your journey Christy!†


“I took the first pictures on March 13th and today, May 13th, I took the second round of pictures. I am wearing the same clothes (minus the shoes) in both pictures. My side view I feel shows the biggest difference!

For my first 30-ish days I solely used ACE and nothing else. With Saba ACE I felt like I was able to change my eating habits much easier with the amazing appetite suppressant that ACE gave me. In April I chose to order a few other products to try and find my new regime.
For the second 30 days, this is what I have done: First thing when I wake up, I take 1
ACE. I make a T12 tea and drink that throughout my morning. I eat lunch normally at around noon. About 1:30/2 pm I take 1 Saba ACE and 1 Saba Shape. A few nights a week, I drink a T12 before bed, too.

I am super excited to show people my 60-day progress. Pictures truly do speak 1000 words. Not only have I lost almost 30lbs, but I have gained a ton, too. I have gained my confidence and self-esteem, back. I have gained a whole new outlook on life. Mostly, my kids have gained an active and healthy mom. I am beyond proud of myself, for taking that leap of faith 60 days ago!”




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