Saba for life - Saba SlimGenix IQ – One 30-Serving Canister
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Saba SlimGenix IQ – One 30-Serving Canister

Saba SlimGenix IQ – One 30-Serving Canister

Saba SlimGenix IQ™ is a delicious multi-functional drink mix designed to optimize your total wellness. It will: 1) Keep you hydrated with high-performance electrolytes; 2) Boost, Arm, and Prime your immune system and support your respiratory health with the clinically proven  Wellmune® and vitamins and minerals; 3) Enhance circulation, lower blood pressure, and boost energy from the unique antioxidant polyphenol compounds from Beet Root; 4) Help you look and feel confident by eliminating deep lines and wrinkles giving you beautiful hair, skin, and nails from the power of  VERISOL® bioactive collagen peptides.

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I have been drinking slimgenix IQ now for about a month, and the taste is AMAZING. This product provides so many healthy benefits and is the perfect addition to ACE!

Berry booster!

I have been drinking this for probably 2 months now and really like it. The flavor is very good and I like that using more or less water helps you get the flavor that is just right for you. Many like 1 scoop in 8 oz of water and then some like me prefer one scoop in 16 oz of water. Helps me get more hydration, boosts my immune system, and I love all the health benefits of the elderberry and beets.


I have been drinking the slimgenix IQ.
I love this product and the many health benefits it offers. Keeps me hydrated and I have never had healthy nails and this product is aweso.e not only has my nails become healthier so are my toenails. My blood circulation has improved to. I love this drink I feel great and ready to start my day and the taste is awesome. Love all the vitamins in this drink it helps my immune system!


I am so excited that Saba SlimGenix IQ is for the whole family! Our son, Parker, is 13 and autistic and has a very weak immune system and with SlimGenix IQ he’s getting Welmune: Vitamin C, D, Elderberry to strengthen his immune system that is a major plus! And Parker absolutely loves how delicious it tastes!