Saba for life - Saba SlimGenix IQ – One 30-Serving Canister
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Saba SlimGenix IQ – One 30-Serving Canister

Saba SlimGenix IQ – One 30-Serving Canister

Saba SlimGenix IQ™ is a delicious multi-functional drink mix designed to optimize your total wellness. It will: 1) Keep you hydrated with high-performance electrolytes; 2) Boost, Arm, and Prime your immune system and support your respiratory health with the clinically proven  Wellmune® and vitamins and minerals; 3) Enhance circulation, lower blood pressure, and boost energy from the unique antioxidant polyphenol compounds from Beet Root; 4) Help you look and feel confident by eliminating deep lines and wrinkles giving you beautiful hair, skin, and nails from the power of  VERISOL® bioactive collagen peptides.

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Berry booster!

I have been drinking this for probably 2 months now and really like it. The flavor is very good and I like that using more or less water helps you get the flavor that is just right for you. Many like 1 scoop in 8 oz of water and then some like me prefer one scoop in 16 oz of water. Helps me get more hydration, boosts my immune system, and I love all the health benefits of the elderberry and beets.


I have been drinking the slimgenix IQ.
I love this product and the many health benefits it offers. Keeps me hydrated and I have never had healthy nails and this product is aweso.e not only has my nails become healthier so are my toenails. My blood circulation has improved to. I love this drink I feel great and ready to start my day and the taste is awesome. Love all the vitamins in this drink it helps my immune system!


I am so excited that Saba SlimGenix IQ is for the whole family! Our son, Parker, is 13 and autistic and has a very weak immune system and with SlimGenix IQ he’s getting Welmune: Vitamin C, D, Elderberry to strengthen his immune system that is a major plus! And Parker absolutely loves how delicious it tastes!


I cannot say enough about Saba SlimGenix IQ; I have been drinking IQ for the past 3 months, twice a day, and have felt better than I have in years! I take many heart medications that make me dehydrated and Saba IQ replenishes my electrolytes within minutes, which is one of my many needs in full body nutrition! I also know that Saba IQ arms my immunity system and I feel very confident that my body is getting stronger and stronger because of all the great vitamins and nutrients, not to mention the awesome Wellmune and Collagen added to the ingredients! The Elderberry and Beet Root Powder are also an added powerful ingredient to boost immunity! And the taste is super delicious! Saba SlimGenix IQ is all I need for my overall health needs!