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Saba CONTROL and Saba SHAPE Combo - One 60-count Bottle of Control + One 30-count Bottle of Shape

 Saba CONTROL and Saba SHAPE Combo-One 60-count Bottle of Saba Control + One 30-count Bottle of Saba Shape


Saba CONTROL – One 60-count Bottle

Saba Control addresses the underlying causes of weight gain and helps repair metabolism. The healthier your metabolism, the easier it is to lose weight. Good metabolic health results in less fat storage.  Saba Control targets multiple biochemical pathways to:

  • Help you feel fuller longer; ¹
  • Maintain healthy hormones level already in the normal range;¹
  • Block the absorption of sugars and carbohydrates;¹
  • Help support healthy blood glucose and insulin levels;¹
  • Support healthy glucose metabolism; and¹
  • Reduce the glycemic index of ingested food.¹

 Saba SHAPE – One 30-count Bottle

Saba Shape™ is a new probiotic formula clinically proven to control body fat and support metabolic health. Its benefits go far beyond weight loss:

  • Immune System Support;¹
  • Digestive Support;¹
  • Improved Gut Health;¹
  • Better Sleep;¹
  • Enhanced Mood; and¹
  • Improved Metabolic Health and Anti-inflammatory Properties.¹


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