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While I’m in love with the whole Saba Skincare line, the Saba Lustre Revitalizing Serum is my very favorite! Not only do I use it on my face and neck, I also use it on my hands and dry spots! My hands and fingers get very dry, especially in the fall and winter months! The serum helps sooth and soften my hands and fingers! I cannot go without it; that’s why I’ve stocked up so I don’t run out!


I added this Serum to my daily routine about a month ago, I had read that Vitamin C was good for the skin and when I saw that Saba had a product that had Vitamin C and CBD, I of coarse wanted to try it out. I love the little dropper bottle. I put it on last after my Anti-Aging Protection dries. I love the fact that Saba has the best ingredients and its pure, sulfate free and paraben free. Thank you Saba!


The SABA Lustre Revitalizing Serum has been of great importance for my husband Ronnie. Our Dr. Looked at it & ask us to start putting it on some skin areas he had on chest , arm, face & scalp. We are proud to say it really is helping him. He had some Sun spot areas & the Dr. Had us use a prescribed creme . It didn’t work or help. We were in for another check up & he looked ingredients over. We had to go back in a month & the areas are much better as well as all (5) gone on his face. We know it cannot cure these but it sure has taken the soreness away . He ask for me to apply it now daily. Thanks SABA Ronnie Vinson

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