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I had to giggle when I tried this for the first time.. I was expecting a stiff tacky kind of scrub, but once again Saba came through, nice and smooth and not dry and harsh. It doesn't take a lot nor does it have to stay on very long. I use it once a week and I feel like it gets down deep without being rough.


Oh wow , is this ever great Scrub for people doing ranch or farm chores. We work outside a lot & sometimes even end up under a tractor like a grease monkey. Well back around (2) months We both had to work out on a windy hot day but also in a tight dirty area. Had to replace a line on the tractor which I had never done. Anyway Ronnie had to hold the instructions down from the wind blowing & we had to get line fixed before storm. It was a fuel line & pump. We got it but not without grease all over my face & diesel on my skin too. Ya mix that with KY dirt & wind my face felt sandblasted . We came in & I washed my face & Rons then it still had dirt . I got out scrub & it clean our faces well. My face even look like a gal again & Ronnie kept saying my face feels clean & smooth. Well Thanks it clean deep & complete!

So Gentle on the Skin but does the job!

I have always had to be careful with Exfoliating Scrubs especially on the face because my Skin is Sensitive. I was worrying over nothing using the Micro Exfoliating Scrub. I used to have those bumps spots that are under the skin, this product helped get rid of them completly. I use twice a week and my Skin feels amazing. It Gently removes dead Skin Cells & leaves my face feeling Smooth, Soft & Refreshed. Thank you.

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