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Empower Extreme

When I need an extra boost of energy I will take and Empower Extreme. I do not get jittery with this, and can accomplish so much. I also keep this on hand at work and give it to my boss when he needs some extra energy. A must have to have on hand for those extra days.


I love my extreme especially with working to jobs it keeps my body and mind in check and keeps very focused and the energy I have is amazing and don’t forget the endorphins it releases.

Makes me push myself

When I need an extra boost this helps me so much. Plus it definitely helps me push myself harder during my workouts. I don't get jittery or feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest. I love it!


I love the extreme, one in the morning is all I need to get through my day as a retail store manager!!! It gives me the energy to zoom through projects and keeps me going all day..

Morning Kickstarter

This product is amazing! I recently moved out of state and I got ahold of this product right before I had to load up my U-Haul. This was exactly the energy I needed to kick of my morning, and carry me through the day. I was able to power through loading up our entire house and still felt like I had the energy to keep going. I love the evergy and positive state of mind that I felt while taking this product. Combining it with the Regular Saba Ace, I have now lost around 8 pounds.

Super Energy without the Jitters

Extreme is such a great energy booster when I haven't had much sleep, an excellent workout booster, so strong yet smooth. I highly recommend this for a pre-workout to see how hard you can push yourself or for those who want a harder kick of energy to knock out your to do list!

Empower Extreme but not TOO extreme

I was nervous to try this product when I saw the word EXTREME in it. Other products with that word in it were TOO MUCH for me. However, I am glad I didn't let that stop me. The appetite control is great, it turns the cravings down, and I feel HAPPY. As far as the energy goes I do FEEL it more but it isn't that jittery agitated kind of energy. I love this product!!


Just ONE little pill and I have enough energy to clean the entire house, get my workout in AND my appetite is CONTROLLED.


I am 64 and slowing down feeling tired a lot, til I got my hands on Saba Empower Extreme, I get so much more done now and it helps me stay regular, not constipated. I love it!

I'm in love again

I never thought I would love something more then my bf and my pets lol this stuff has the energy to power through a work out, deep clean the house, go for a run or even make you go outside for hours! I love the energy, the appetite control. This also helps with keeping up with your water, which i have always struggled with! If I could give this product 10 stars I would!

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