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IT DOES tighten skin!

I was surprised at how well this worked and how fast. just 1-2 minutes and you will SEE the difference. I love that each little packet lasts for several uses for me. If you are using just for under eyes it will last longer. If my eyes are puffy in the morning this takes that away. Since I am over 50 now I also want to minimize wrinkles around my eyes and other areas. You can feel good buying this because is DOES work. No tricks!

This really works!

When I first got this, I was skeptical. BUT -- I applied it to one eye and not the other and could actually SEE it working! Bags, wrinkles, creases and worry lines literally disappeared as I watched!
I can use this under my make up or over it - and the results are long lasting!


Amazing how quickly those bags under my eyes & lines on my forehead disappear with this!


This stuff is seriously legit!!!
I originally tried it on my husband ( because he’s wrinkly LOL )... and I almost fell on the floor when I saw the results!! This stuff is basically magic! And the funny thing is, he said it didn’t feel like glue (like other things we’ve tried).... He’s been using it off and on for a while and even when he doesn’t use it, I can tell that his wrinkles aren’t as deep!


If you have wrinkles and crows feet you are looking to take care of this is the product. It comes in individual uses and once you apply it you feel it working as it is tightening up your skin. It is very noticeable and helps with younger looking skin.


I would save this for special events. But I loved the way I looked, so now use on a daily basis. I love it just makes me look fresh. Has helped with fine lines. Easy to apply. Well worth the money, I would not be without.


Oh my goodness I can say enough how much I love this product. I’ve used it twice and when you apply it you can physically feel it tightening your skin. I love it. No more wrinkles, no more lines. Botox in a packet. I wish it came in a bottle.

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