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Body Lotion Extraordinaire!

I brought this product into my salon to give it a try and have been using it for my hand, foot and leg massages. It is great for moisturizing dry skin. I can add some Adaptogens to it for a little extra relaxation. Or even some essential oils for added benefits. Great for dry hands, elbows and feet.


This lotion is 'da bomb' my teenage daugheters tell me, so it must be so! They have super sensitive skin and are irritated by lots of things on the market, but this lotion does not irritate. It is smooth and creamy and has a fantastic fresh scent. Bonus - it is also amazing to shave with!

Great for rough skin

My ankles always seemed to be very dry and rough. I used this for a week and the skin on my ankles was smooth. It's not greasy and smells great!


Lovely light scent & goes on smooth. My mom loves this too!


This stuff is absolutely amazing. My daughter is highly allergic to basically everything LOL And this is the only stuff she’s found that she can use on her entire body and not break out!!


This is great to use after getting out of the shower to help keep your body moisturized. Its help to combat dry skin, especially in the winter time.It’s a great follow up to the Saba shower gel.

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