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I have used this since 1st out in Oklahoma City , OK Saba convention. I had traveled from Kentucky driving , which my shoulder decided to slip out of place on trip. We arrived Friday safely but, I was hurting. Still walked to meet & greet at Resturant to be with others who joined. A friend noticed I was not comfortable & ask. He then said, wait just a moment & brought bottle over to see if I wish to try . I took two & before we returned to hotel my shoulder was not hurting. The next morning I purchased at convention . I use it especially when weather changes & I have discomfort. It Works for me.

Great for aching knees.

I started taking this over a month ago for my bad knees. After a few days my knees started feeling so much better. I am not struggling with standing up or sitting down. Steps are so much easier because my knees are now pain free. Amazing how this works.

love this option

I have been taking this joint support for about a month, and I am definitely noticing less aches and pains and less moans and groans when I get up.
Using Platinum Joint Support along with my other Saba supplements really has me on the path to being the best version of me that I can be!


I fell about a year ago and messed up the right scapula in my back; after being on The Platinum Joint Pain Relief, I’ve noticed my scapula is not hurting anymore!! I’m so excited and relieved I found something that works for me!


I have had joint problems for years, to the extent that I had to change jobs. I have been taking the Platinum Joint Support since it was released in July, and I now have NO joint pain whatsoever!!


I’ve been taking this since released in July. I can honestly say I’m not hurting in my foot (plantar fasciitis and a spur, my knee (scoped in 2009), hip and back pain (fall years ago). I’m able workout now and not be down for weeks at a time before the next workout. I’ve danced, and worked my full time job plus my side business making shirts and decals for hours and not hurt in pain for days. I’m not making any medical claims, but this product is Amazing!!


My joints feel better I am no longer in pain every day and can function on a normal level again. My back is not near as inflamed as it use to be before I started on Platinum. I was going to the chiropractor any day I could and haven’t gone since starting Platinum.

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