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Saba Prime One with its seven (7) adaptogens have been a blessing for me and my family for many years. The health benefits of adaptogens have been well documented with thousands of clinical studies. I strongly suggest Prime One for its many health benefits.


One of our favorite products for over all health!!

Fantastic for your immune system & health

I've been taking Prime One for more than 25 years. My immune system, which had not been good, is now tremendous. I used to get lots of colds & other illnesses; now I might get 1 mild cold a year. I've also had 3 major surgeries in the past 17 years & the doctors have been amazed at how quickly & completely I healed from them. When traveling by plane to a different time zone, my jet lag is greatly reduced. My former nurse practitioner (now retired) started taking Prime One over 15 years ago & found she got sick (from seeing sick patients) much less. It also helped reduce her stress level. She's now retired & continues to take it. It's an amazing product. It may take 2-4 months before seeing improvements, but the benefits continue day after day, month after month, year after year.

Excellent supplement

I have been taking Saba Prime One for two months now. I never felt better, and have the emotional, psychic, and physical energy to enter into new projects and carry them to fruition. I am 73 years old and have lots of energy! I think that Saba Prime One is a true help to me, and am now signing up for autoship, which gives a Significant discount.

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