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Great for Hair, Nails & Skin

.After starting on this creamer my hair is stronger.
, longer and thicker. The collagen works wonders for my nails and the fine lines and wrinkles in my face. It tastes great with a French vanilla flavor. Very rich and creamy.! Great with the Empower coffee more like a hot chocolate.


I cant believe how my hair and nails have benefited by this creamer!! Tastes great in coffee too!!


I normally don’t use creamer in my coffee, but this is so good, and so good for you that I really like it in my Empower Coffee!

Keto Creamer

This is the best Keto Creamer on the market in my opinion! Not only does it taste good, it makes me feel better! I love the fact that it has Collagen to help strengthen hair and nails; and to help with skin; fine lines... after drinking it for 6 months, I’ve noticed a huge difference!!


I love the taste of this creamer! It completely changes the game for the empower coffee!! It helps with my appetite control. And since using this creamer, my hair and nails have grown so much and my skin is healthier looking!! Thank you SABA!


I add this to the Empower Smart Coffee and enjoy the benefits of the collagen. The taste is Amazing enough. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I can drink the coffee now without adding a ton of flavored creamer to it. Back at it. This is Day 2.

Less Joint Pain

I love the taste of this creamer! Delicious! My husband asked me to reorder more creamer because he even noticed less pain in his elbows & hands.


I give this Creamer 2 Thumbs up. I have never drank coffee, but started when the Saba Empower coffee came out. It is a GREAT combination. I don't need any other creamer, flavoring or sweeteners. I have this every morning before heading out to work. Love the benefits you get from it. I have added it to my autoship so I never run out.


This creamer is awesome so far. I have just started using it and so far it has been delicious. I would recommend this also to everyone.


The taste of this creamer is delicious! I now don't have to add sugar to my coffee just this creamer and I'm good to go. My skin is clearing up, nails are growing faster and thicker. LOVE it!!

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