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Oh my I can’t say enough about this product! This is a staple in my everyday routine and I never go without. Helps break down food to help with digestion and I never experience heartburn anymore since taking this product. I take with each meal throughout the day and I feel fabulous!

Great product!

Digest-Eze is a great product for anyone with digestive issues and upset.


This helps my body digest the food I eat quickly, I take it with every meal.


Saba Digest-Eze is a meal time staple in our house. I hate the feeling of having food sitting in my gut and by taking Digest-Eze it helps to keep my intestines feel lean and clean by aiding in digestion.


I take Digest-Eze occasionally if I know I'm going to eat something unhealthy or if I know it will give me heartburn. Helps me not hold everything in my stomach for an extended period of time, and I feel like it doesn't let so much stick around.


I have severe digestive issues and everything gives me trapped gas… Since taking this, I have yet to have an issue. It’s definitely a must for me


I have various stomach issues. I’m also a little older and my stomach does not digest food the way it used to. I was told to try this product, so I did. I have noticed less irritation in my stomach, I don’t have the bloated full feeling after meals. My stomach does not growl or gurgle the way it used to before. I take one capsule with each meal what a difference it has made in the way I feel after eating.

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