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Educated Woman

I hope this works. My husband has been using Prime One for many years and swears by it. He is a distributor for many of his friends with Prime One. His brother has used this product, "Skinny 500" and also swears that it has worked, significantly, on helping him lose 20 lbs. farily quickly. I am so excited to begin trying this product.

Senior promotor

After taking this for nearly a year, I can honestly say this is toddler energy in a bottle! Wooo boy! Great fat burning qualities and energy!

I love it

Lost 137 lbs now on skinny5000 I absolutely love the mood support

AMAZING Appetite Control

Skinny 5000 Is a Great fat burner and it gives You a bolt of energy followed by amazing appetite control. You'll have to set reminders to eat.


I love the Skinny 5000. I use it to give me smooth energy to help me get through my day. I don't get jittery feeling with it. I would recommend this to my friends/family.

Senior Sales Associate

I absolutely love the appetite control of Skinny 5000! I was always a grazer, but not with this amazing supplement! I highly recommend this product for on the go folks.


I usually take this in the afternoons to help me keep from snacking on everything in sight.
It also helps me with mood and energy. I love this product.


Skinny 5000 really gets me going. I love the energy it gives me and also the appetite control.


This is my 2nd favorite product for energy and appetite control! Also helps with my mood, focus and gives smooth long lasting energy!


If your looking to detox your body and flush your system this product will do just that. It gives extra energy and appetite control. It’s a great fat burner for those that like working out.

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