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I love this stuff!!

ACE G2 is amazing! I have not had anything kill my appetite the way this does and the energy is awesome!

Favorite for energy

LOVE love love the extra energy boost the ace g2 gives me. The appetite control helps me cut out my sugar craveings through out the day too.


If your looking for energy, this product is the way to go!! It gives you a boost in about 15 min. It's also great for your weight loss and appetite control!!


Ace G2 is my go to when I need an extra energy boost on days I have slot to do. It's not jittery energy just a focused energy that helps get the job done. The added appetite control is a plus.

Senior promotor

Ace G2 is absolutely amazing! I love the energy I get. I'm able to accomplish more physically in a day than without it. I've lost over 167lbs in nearly 3 and a half years I've been on it and live the Saba 60 lifestyle. This is my daily go to! Thanks Saba!


I loss 130lbs 2 years ago doing eating program 60 and Ace G2 which are awesome
set u on fire PLUS I never gain any weight back either after 2 years
So now need 70 more and am on my way Just eating right and G2
16lbs in 3 weeks so far
Love Ace G2 they are amazing

Amazing ENERGY

Need ENERGY without the jitters? This is what You NEED!! It has appetite control too but the Energy Is AWESOME! Pairs great with the saba 60 program.


My go to for much needed energy boost! Also helps keep my appetite in check while I’m working midnights. Has fat burners and helped aide me in losing 120lbs! Love my aceg2!!

Great Energy Boost

This product is a go-to for a quick and strong energy boost - ACEg2 really gets me going!


I love this product because it gives me an immediate Energy Boost!! I feel it quickly and get so much done. The appetite control is so amazing. I have to remind myself to eat.

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