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My mornings are begin with Drinking my Topp Fast Chocolate Shake. My reason is I needed the antioxidants, Vitimen’s , along with the nutrients to boost & maintain my health. It comes in two flavors vanilla & chocolate but I prefer chocolate which helps since I’m a chocolate lover. In other words : A needed Shake to strive for my target shape Better Health!

Senior promotor

Toppfast shakes are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! I love the chocolate brownie flavor! They have vanilla as well! The shakes work wonderful for a small snack or meal.

Love this shake!

I am a very picky eater, and if something doesn't taste good, I'm not going to eat or drink it, but I absolutely love these shakes! I mix mine with 8 oz of almond milk in a shaker bottle and drink it for breakfast. It keeps me filling full and is so creamy. I love the chocolate flavor. This is also great to mix with the Saba Empower coffee if you like cold coffee!

Delicious and filling

I love the flavor of this shake not chalky taste at all . So smooth and filling. Great alone with just powder and almond milk or very good mixed with other fruits and veggies. It has worked perfect for me for a early morning breakfast where before I found the toppfast I just went without breakfast


I have tried many shakes in my life and i think that i love the toppfast shake because of the flavor. first Many I have tried had an after taste and this does not. I to me is more than a shake it is something that you can and i do drink when i need or crave something sweet. I love it is what i am trying to say.

Lucilla Richards-Seaton

No time to cook a meal?

This is a tasty great go to for protein in the morning, lunch or dinner. A great way to replace a meal. Some added fruit or vegetables will change up the taste. Personally I love it plain. I also like to use it as a hot cocoa in the winter. Mixes smooth and not grainy. The vanilla is just as good.


Chocolate ToppFast is a must in our house. We love it. I mix it and add a scoop of peanut butter and it takes like a Reese cup. It feels me up and satisfy the sweet tooth. My daughter loves to drink this when she has her braces tightened down and her mouth is sore.


I’ve tried many different shakes before but Sabas toppfast is an excellent meal replacement. Very good taste and not at all chalky like others I’ve tried. If you are looking for a meal replacement this is a great choice!


Great product!! This is my breakfast every morning!


Best tasting chocolate meal replacement I have found! I love Saba Toppfast Chocolate shake by itself as a quick meal on the go or mixed with my morning Saba Empower Smart Coffee for a wake me up treat.

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