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my tropical smoothie companion

I love using Vanilla Toppfast with my morning fruit smoothie... I keeps me full until my next meal. It blends well, no chalky grittiness that other meal replacement shakes have... I like it plain Vanilla, or add PB to boost protein.. This is a daily part of my. routine.


I have tried so many different meal replacement shakes,but this one actually taste good and I add my own touches to it. Its quick and easy and taste great.

Love this shake!

I am a very picky eater, and if something doesn't taste good, I'm not going to eat or drink it, but I absolutely love these shakes! I mix mine with 8 oz of almond milk in a shaker bottle and drink it for breakfast. It keeps me filling full and is so creamy. The vanilla flavor tastes amazing. This is also great to mix with the Saba Empower coffee if you like cold coffee!


Love the vanilla flavor and easy to blend, no grittiness when drinking mine. I occasionally add frozen fruit to make smoothies. Very filling for me. Im not hungry before I should be.


Ive used this as part of the Saba 60 program. The Toppfast tastes really good, no grittiness. Blends smoothly and for me fills me up until ready for next meal. Doesn’t leave me with hungry feeling. Love both flavors and enjoyed itboth hot and cold.

I normally HATE meal replacement shakes

Both flavors of toppfast taste great! I keep the vanilla on hand because it's so easy to change the flavor up. I mix mine with ice and either I sweated almond milk or coconut milk (in a blender). The vanilla with certain spices mixed in tastes like a cookie!!!

best meal replacement shake ever

I've tried ALOT of shakes & hands down this is the best tasting. Taste great with unsweetened almond milk!


Creamy and yummy vanilla flavor! Hard to choose between it and the chocolate. Great tasting meal replacement that tastes more like a treat. Delicious! I like it best mixed with unsweetened coconut milk.

seriously delish!

I was really afraid to try a nutrition shake because I was afraid it would taste like a vitamin bottle -- BUT, Toppfast shakes are smooth and yummy and delicious!
My kids come running when they hear my blender running because they want a shake too, so I have made the habit to make extra!
I like to add it to almond milk, with a handful of ice and a little bit of fruit to make a delicious smoothie that keeps me on track!


I love this product also. I tried it with my empower coffee as a shake and it was awesome. Not gritty or thick. Its a great meal replacement.

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