Sarah’s Story


Helping people feel and look their best is one of the hallmarks, why Saba™ has been changing lives for over 33 years. Our high-quality clinically-researched products have proven time and again to give people the results they want in their supplements. We are always grateful and blessed to share our customers' and promoters' dynamic success stories.

Sarah who has been using our supplements for close to a year, when she was invited to be part of the "Get Healthy at Home with Saba" program, she was skeptical about the exercise regimen and being accountable within a (virtual) group setting. To her astonishment, she has fallen in love with this hands-on system to lose weight, eat healthily, be physically active, and get advice and support from the group. We are thrilled with her results and can't wait to see her further results along her journey."I have been using Saba for most of this year. The products I use have helped me so much. Pillar of Youth has helped with my aches and pains in my shoulders and I get a peaceful night's sleep. In early September I was approached to do a new program!!! I said yes.

Using Saba Ace Weight Loss & Energy Pill, Saba Shape probiotic, and Saba Control. Working out isn’t my thing or it wasn’t!!! It certainly is now I’m part of this program. Eating healthy wasn’t great either, with the help of these supplements I’m now eating less, have more energy, and my mood is lifted.

The support I’ve had is incredible and I’m over the moon with my results in just 30 days of being consistent and being accountable. I’m down 10lbs, 9 inches lost, and my body fat index has gone from 49% to 39%. Thank you again, Saba!



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