Saba™ has been changing lives for over 33 years by helping people feel and look their best. Our superior quality products have been proven time and again to give people the results they want. 


One year ago, Lindsey was introduced to Saba ACE™ by a fellow Saba promoter. She started her Saba ACE journey at 250 pounds. With dedication, proper motivation, and simple lifestyle changes with our "Get Healthy at Home with Saba" program, Lindsey was able to "grind-it" and lose an astonishing 90 lbs.!!!! Wow! 


Read her testimonial below to see for yourself how with simple lifestyle changes, proper support, guidance, and tools, anyone can achieve and maintain their desired fitness goals.

"A year ago, when ACE relaunched, I bought some. I started out at 250 pounds, and with the help of ACE, I'm happy and proud to say I've lost 90 pounds. I'm down to 160. I didn't change my eating habits. I don't eat as much as I used to, and I hardly ever eat sweets anymore as they don't taste as good to me. I go to the Gym every morning, but I only use the treadmill and sometimes the elliptical. I don't do anything hardcore. I started the Get Healthy At Home program because I hit a plateau that I couldn't get over, and since taking it, my stomach had finally started to shrink, whereas before, it was not. I feel so much better after using ACE and losing all the weight. My back and body don't hurt nearly as much, which is great!"



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