Kim & Michael’s Story


At Saba™ we're here changing lives! Our results-driven supplements have made thousands of people feel and look their best. We are proud to share some of the success stories from our loyal Saba customers and promoters. Inspiring stories like the one below is the basis for what makes our heavily researched products some of the best of class. 

Kim and Michael are two success stories in every sense of the word. A loving couple, weight-loss champions, and builders of a lucrative side business. Tired of feeling the physical and emotional burdens of being overweight they took a chance on Saba 60’s tried-and-tested 60-day weight loss program and have never looked back since. Their weight loss proved that as a team you can motivate one another to be the best versions of themselves that they can wish for. Kim and Michael also proved that there is no miracle diet or “car-wash” to go through and come out and stay fit. Their key is consistency. When you are consistent you make a conscious effort to continue taking your Saba product, eating a well-balanced diet, and living a healthy lifestyle. Kim has become our Saba life coach/guru to many and her sage words of wisdom continue to inspire anyone who has or who is struggling to achieve their wellness goals. 


“ • I'm better than you! 

• I'm special! 

• I lose weight easier than you. 

• I have better will power and self-control. 

• Nobody else can do what I am doing. 

The things I put above are all lies! Lies that many of YOU believe. Do you want the truth? Can you handle it? 

I am not better than you. I am not special. I am 48 years old, and losing weight is NOT easier for me than you. I do not have better will power and self-control. Anybody can do what I am doing. 

The brutal truth?? I didn't get to this weight because I had amazing will power and self-control. So, if you want to lose weight what in the world makes me different than you? 

Only 2 things:

#1 I took the scary step to sign up for our 60-day simple, healthy program, and in less than 60 days my life was changed. 

#2 After the 60 days I had the determination to KEEP GOING. No excuses!!! The program helped me to know I CAN DO IT! 

…My husband! He's wearing shorts that are the same size he wore in High School! Can you believe it? I'm so proud of him! Thanks, Saba 60! He lost 84 lbs on that program. He also loves the ACE G2!”



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