Danyelle’s Story


Here at Saba™ we take pride in celebrating the success of our customers and promoters. Whether its losing weight, reaching certain goals and benchmarks with their health or being able to live life at its fullest. This blog is about these success stories and more.

Take Danyelle’s touching story, sometimes life happens and things out of our own control derail our goals. Sometimes an opportunity presents itself at the right moment and the stars seem to align. Danyelle’s journey has not been an easy one, but now that she’s back to living a healthy lifestyle and experiencing enhanced thermogenesis with the calorie-burning Saba Empower Extreme Smart Pills. Danyelle is now experiencing fantastic results without having to resort to potentially dangerous surgical procedures. Way to go Danyelle your story is an inspiring one!


“So, in 2014 I started my weight-loss journey, I knew a mutual friend who got me introduced to Saba and I jumped on board with the ACE and then a few months later I saw everyone talking about Trim Pro so I jumped on-board with that and I was losing weight left and right and felt pretty amazing about myself. In 2013 I lost my Grandma who raised me,  I managed to get past that, and now we are looking at 2015 when I stopped using the products because I really couldn't afford them being a single mom on little income. Well April 2015 came and on April 30th I lost my brother to suicide and I really started shoving things in my mouth that I knew that didn't belong there whatsoever, and I probably put on 50 pounds in 4 months!!!

The following April I had a friend reach out to me asking me If I would be interested in coming back to Saba and doing the Saba 60 program to help me lose weight. When I saw her AMAZING results, I automatically jumped on...... Well after doing two complete rounds of the Saba 60 program I had lost all the weight I had gained back from losing my brother. December 2016, I saw a number that I hadn't seen in YEARS I was at 299.0 and all I could do was bawl like a baby.
Then some other things happen that I couldn’t afford my products anymore again and I was trying my hardest to just eat what I knew and still it wasn't doing it for me! For months I had been responding back and forth with Amanda and each month it was a new excuse of why I couldn't do it.

Well, I joined a phone call and was one of the lucky ones to win $50.00. Well, I took that $50.00 and invested in the new Empower Extreme limited edition, and the moment I took it I knew it was for me and right then and there I started back up on my monthly shipment and I am happy to say I am down 78 pounds since starting my journey in February and still losing weight and inches!

I feel great my son says he's got his happy mommy back!! THANK YOU, Saba, for saving my life! I knew if I kept going, I wouldn't be around much longer for my son! I even was thinking about getting gastric bypass surgery but thanks to Saba that isn't an option anymore!!”



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