Why You Are Not Losing Weight
Biohack your body for maximum weight loss!

If you’re like 40-percent of Americans, you struggle with being overweight.  We all know that maintaining a healthy weight is a critical factor of good health, however, it is easier said than done.  Healthy weight loss demands more from you than just good eating and exercise habits. The key reasons why it is difficult to lose weight are:

Insulin is an essential hormone that directly affects metabolism, weight gain, aging, and your overall health. Everyone needs an acceptable insulin level to stay healthy, regardless of age. Insulin levels are affected by unbalanced diets with a high amount of carbohydrates, sugar, and high glycemic foods, which increase blood glucose levels and spike insulin levels, causing excess glucose to store as fat. Unhealthy insulin levels lead to insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and other severe health conditions such as stress and anxiety, fatigue, hunger and cravings, poor sleep quality, and other symptoms. It is critical to keep your insulin levels in a healthy range.

 Saba CONTROL™, is a natural plant, and a mineral supplement, that helps reverse insulin resistance so your body can start releasing stored fat. A person simply takes two capsules per day along with a balanced meal to: 


• Maintain healthy blood sugar and optimize the body’s energy management after a meal; †

• Reduce glycemic stress by up to 48.3%; †

• Block the absorption of sugars and carbohydrates; †

• Help you feel fuller longer; † and

• Support insulin sensitivity and healthy glucose metabolism. †


Everyone has trillions of bacteria in their gut. This community of bacteria is called gut microbiota and is unique to everyone. Gut bacteria harvest energy and determine how individuals metabolize different foods and control appetite. Studies suggested that good bacteria, called probiotics, can give your health a significant boost. Research shows that probiotics may offer benefits against various health conditions, including allergies, arthritis, asthma, depression, heart disease, and gastrointestinal problems. Probiotics can even help with weight loss! Make sure that you take care of your gut health with good probiotics.

 Saba SHAPE™ is a new probiotic formula clinically proven to control body fat and support metabolic health. Its benefits go far beyond weight management and include:

• Immune system support; †

• Digestive support; †

• Improved gut health; †

• Better sleep; †

• Enhanced mood; and †

• Improved metabolic health and anti-inflammatory properties. †


 Hormones play an essential role in metabolic functions, hunger, body fat composition, lean body mass distribution, and healthy body weight.

Hormones That Help Manage Weight

Hormonal imbalances can lead to severe metabolic disruption, resulting in uncontrollable weight gain. Consider hormone levels when developing your weight loss plan. Make sure that your hormones are in a balanced state, with a balanced diet filled with nutrients and an active lifestyle. 

Here are some tips to keep your hormones working for you:

• Eat lots of nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods;

• Eat a higher portion of protein foods;

• Exercise regularly; and

• Get adequate sleep.

A 2006 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that focused on the effects of high-protein meals and the impact on the hormone ghrelin states that “The most satiating macronutrient appears to be dietary protein.” When study participants ate a high-protein breakfast, they experienced decreased ghrelin concentrations more strongly over time than when they ate higher carbohydrate breakfasts. Increased protein intake tends to ward off hunger and increase satiety hormones. 

An easy and convenient way to increase your protein intake is with Saba Toppfast™, a premium weight management nutritional shake that will change the way you think about protein powder. Make Saba ToppFast the perfect start to your day, every day. It is a healthy protein shake with herbs, vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants in a low-fat, low-carbohydrate formula. You can even get creative with your ToppFast by adding ice and your favorite fruits and veggies!


Studies have shown that people eat more when distracted because they do not pay attention to the amount of food they consume. According to Harvard Health Publishing, a slower, more thoughtful way of eating could help with weight problems and maybe steer many people away from processed food and other less-healthful choices. Additionally, many studies have shown that more thoughtful eating can help treat eating disorders and weight loss.

 Saba N-Fuse™ is designed to give you the benefits of juicing every day, without the hassle. This super green blend is full of nutrients sourced directly from premium superfoods. On top of the green nutrients, it also delivers benefits of the following combinations: phytonutrients, antioxidants, superfruits, vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, and probiotics to help balance and nourish your whole body. These premium lifestyle nutrients help:

· Support detoxification and healthy weight management; †
· Support a healthy immune system; and †
· Provide a nutrient-dense way to increase daily greens intake to keep you fuller for longer with premium superfoods.†


Your body weight is affected by the number of calories you consume. Your body needs an adequate number of calories to function correctly, but when you take in more than your body uses, the excess is stored as fat. Replacing low-volume foods, like refined and processed foods for more health high-volume foods, like nutrient-dense unprocessed food rich in fiber and protein will make you fuller with fewer calories, which will ultimately will help you lose weight.

You may want to take a potent appetite suppressant to help suppress your appetite and prevent you from overeating. One of the best appetite suppressants for men and women is a comprehensive weight management supplement called Saba ACE™.

ACE is a cutting-edge weight loss and thermogenic fat burner. Each capsule contains an effective dose of the most potent appetite control and fat-burning ingredients available. Its formula helps burn fat, increase energy, preserve lean muscle, suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and improve mood.†


According to SleepFoundation.org, adults need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night.  Less than 5 hours of sleep may affect how your body functions and affect the hormones that control your appetite and hunger. 

Saba Night Bliss™ is a gentle sleep aid that you can count on to help you get your needed sleep and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated!  It is a harmonious blend of relaxing herbs, nutrients, and melatonin to encourage restful sleep without grogginess. A good night of sleep is crucial to your well-being. Chronic lack of sleep and poor sleep quality is linked to many health conditions, including reduced immune function, weight gain, depression, high blood pressure, and even diabetes.


Drinking an adequate amount of water each day can help you lose extra pounds. Most American’s don’t consume enough water in a day. Drinking a proper amount of water throughout the day will curb your appetite, help you eat less, and aid in weight loss. It is recommended to drink nine glasses of water per day.  Here is a guideline how to drink water to lose weight fast

After Waking Up – 2 Glasses of Water or Lemon Water

Before Workout – 2 Glasses of Water 

After Workout – 2 Glasses of Water

Before Meals – 2 Glasses of Water 30 Minutes Before Every Meal

Stress can cause our body to produce the excess stress hormone, cortisol, causing weight gain. If you feel stressed, you may overeat and crave more sugary, salty, and fatty foods, which are unhealthy and contribute to weight gain.

You can counteract the adverse effects of stress by calling upon your body's-rich-potential for self-healing.  You can beat stress and fatigue with a healing herbs blend, Saba Adaptogens™, which can help your body resist stressors of all kinds - physical, chemical, and biological.  Adaptogens are derived from natural herbs and roots that have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing tradition. Each adaptogen herb is carefully selected to enhance the entire body's ability to come into balance, combat fatigue, improve mental performance, and ease depression, stress, and anxiety.  †


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